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Q. How much is sales tax?

Florida state sales tax rate is 6% on motor vehicles plus any county surcharges. County taxes are only taxed on the first $5000 so if you county has a half a percent rate it is $25 if it’s is one percent it’s $50.

Q. Do I pay tax if I am out of state?

If your bike is being shipped to you or not being ridden on the roads in Florida you pay your state and we do not collect tax from you. If you come here to pick up the bike and ride it home with a temp tag we collect your states tax for them providing your state is a reciprocation state with Florida.

Q. Do you offer shipping?

We do have several good shipping companies we can recommend and help set up arrangements. They are independent and not affiliated with us and we accept no guarantees on which day they will deliver. We make every attempt to assist but shippers are their own companies and have certain logistics.

Q. When will I get my title?

In most cases the title is on our premises but occasionally we are waiting for a lender to mail it to us so we expedite title immediately after full payment clears and we guarantee clean free and clear title to every vehicle.

For any other questions feel free to contact our knowledgeable sales staff at 386 788 1555.

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